How To Turn Branding Off From YouTube Video Embeds In WordPress?

Default YouTube video embeds shows logo, video controls, link to YouTube, related videos etc which encourages the user to leave your website for browsing more videos on YouTube. This tutorial is about controlling what displays inside YouTube videos embedded in your WordPress site.

You can decide whether to show YouTube logo on embedded videos, show/hide video controls, custom width & height, autoplaying, HD playing and whether to display related YouTube videos, captions, borders, auto-resizing, and much more using a shortcode and custom parameters.

How To Turn Branding Off From YouTube Video Embeds In WordPress?

YouTube White Label Shortcode is a free WordPress plugin, using its shortcode [youtube -white-label] you can input any YouTube video with control over the YouTube logo, player, autoplay and more. The plugin also provides you a shortcode generator metabox accessible from all ADD NEW/EDIT content screens.

How To Use YouTube White Label Shortcode Plugin?

Install and activate YouTube White Label Shortcode plugin. After activation visit your admin area dashboard Posts -> Add New page and follow the steps:

  1. Scroll to ‘YouTube Embed Shortcode Creator’ metabox.
  2. Paste the YouTube Video ID to generate the shortcode (What is YouTube Video ID? The characters after the equal sign (=) in a YouTube video URL. For Example: In URL:, text in bold is YouTube video ID)
  3. Click ‘Advanced Options’ to set custom parameters like enable/disable Logo, Autoplay, HD Mode, Responsive Size and more.
  4. Copy and paste the generated shortcode (from ‘Output’ box) to your post editor

That’s it. Now you may publish/preview the post and see it working.

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