Create YouTube Video Posts In Bulk On Your WordPress Website

There are some free and premium WordPress plugins such as ‘Automatic Youtube Video Posts Plugin’ that allows you to automatically create YouTube video posts containing videos from popular YouTube video playlists, from channels, user uploads etc.

But the common issue experienced in this process is limited PHP memory of shared web-hosting plans. Not everyone owns a dedicated server or VPS that provides you with high PHP memory resources. 

In this lesson you will learn about importing YouTube, Vimeos and other videos manually but in bulk to your WordPress site and offering your users with externally hosted videos playing on your WordPress website.

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Making use of two WordPress plugins:
  1. Video Thumbnails and
  2. Bulk Content Creator

Video Thumbnails plugin automatically generates the thumbnail and use it as featured image on your YouTube and other video posts. It also works for the posts containing video embeds from other websites.

Whereas, Bulk Content Creator allows you to instantly creates posts and other post types in bulk on your WordPress site.

Start by installing ‘Video Thumbnails’ and ‘Bulk Content Creator’ plugins in WordPress

Bulk YouTube Video Post To WordPress

Once the plugins are activate and working on your website, visit your admin area dashboard Tools -> Bulk Content Creator and type in post name inside ‘Name’ field and paste YouTube video URL inside ‘Content’ field.

Bulk YouTube Video Post To WordPress 1

Use ‘+Add Row’ button to add multiple rows so that you can post as many videos you want from YouTube, Vimeo and other oEmbed supported websites.

Bulk YouTube Video Post To WordPress 2

Finally, when you’re done adding videos, click ‘Submit’ button and your videos will be posted automatically with thumbnails on your WordPress site.

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