Top 3 Best Video Importer Plugins For WordPress

Whether you run a YouTube channel and want to automatically keep your website updated with all recent videos or collect popular videos from some specific category to your WordPress website.

Whatsoever may be the reason, there are many plugins that allows you to automatically publish videos from YouTube & Vimeo to your WordPress website.

You can import videos from playlists, user, channel or search and publish them under selective categories or custom post types or both. You can automatically keep your website updated with new video entries or use manual bulk import feature to import all videos from specified playlist.

Earlier we have discussed about finding and publishing  DailyMotion videos in WordPress in one click, all from your admin area dashboard.

Now in this lesson we are listing three most popular plugins you may use for auto-importing or bulk importing videos as new posts in your WordPress website.

Video Importer

The plugin saves your time and hassle by automatically importing videos as new blog posts from your favorite sources on YouTube and Vimeo.

You can define all the video sources you like to import and it will take care of the rest. In addition you may use bulk import feature to select a category and import all its videos in one click.

The plugin can import videos from YouTube User Uploads, Playlists and Vimeo User Uploads, Groups and Channels.

YouTube Video Importer

Another video importer plugin but limited to YouTube only and loaded with more advanced options. It allows you to import YouTube videos in WordPress and display them as posts or embedded in existing posts or pages as single video or playlist.

Provides bulk import feature with a variety of ways. Bulk imports can be made from YouTube user playlists, YouTube auto playlists and also from YouTube search queries.

This plug-in is a real asset for video publishers. It can also import categories from YouTube and publish imported videos to their specific categories.

WordPress Vimeo Videos

Allows you to create WordPress posts from Vimeo videos. Provides you complete video embed with title, description and featured image.

It enables quick importing of Vimeo videos as new WordPress posts with attached video player from channels, albums, user, groups or categories.

Video Thumbnails & SEO Options

Additionally, you may also use Video Thumbnails and WP Video SEO plugin to automatically generate thumbnails for imported videos and SEO optimize them by generating their sitemap.

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