Best Modal Box Plugins For Your WordPress Site

Earlier we have discussed about the plugins to add modal box logins in your WordPress site. We ahve also posted a tutorial on showing your website members using a beautiful grid and modal box layout. Still there are more awesome things you can do by using modal boxes in your WordPress site.

[heading]Easy Modal[/heading]

Create modals in minutes. Add your favorite shortcodes for contact forms, social media, videos and other multimedia or your own content.


  • Unlimited Customizable Modals
  • Modal Shortcodes
  • Visual Theme Editor
  • Responsive or Custom Width Modals
  • 19 Customizable Animations
  • Customize close options per modal.
  • Open a modal from within another modal
  • Load modals on every page or just certain pages.
  • Quickly add modals to any highlighted text in editor.
  • Allows custom JS functions to open & close moda

[heading]Ninja Forms – Modal[/heading]

Ninja Forms Modal makes it super easy to open any Ninja Form in a pop up modal from a text or image link.

[heading]Modal Links[/heading]

With this plugin you can create a “modal” link to open post/page and even login/logout and register form in modal window.

There are even more plugins like WP Facebox Gallery lets you automatically invokes Facebox on gallery items and linked images in a post or page, Ultimate Modal is also a simple good option for showing a modal (using visual editor) on your website or only on home page, Modal Dialog plugins lets you create one or more modal dialog(s) / pop-up window(s) that shows up when a user visits your website.

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