Enable Visual Editing Buttons On Comment Form In WordPress

By default WordPress provides you comment area with no visual editing buttons, it supports HTML tags and attributes but there are no formatting options for users who don’t know about using markup language.

In this lesson you will learn about switching this poor comment form field into a rich WYSIWYG editor, using the native TinyMCE Editor bundled with WordPress. 

TinyMCE Comment Field – WYSIWYG is the new WordPress plugin that allows you to do so easily on your WordPress site.

Start by installing ‘TinyMCE Comment Field – WYSIWYG’ plugin in WordPress

TinyMCE Comment Field - WYSIWYG 1

Upon activation, visit your admin area dashboard TinyMCE Comment Field, here it provides you additional options and features:

  • Full control Enable or disable the TinyMCE comment-field on certain post-types, pages, posts or mobile devices
  • Fully customizable Font-style, font-layout, font-color, font-size, background-color
  • Text direction Left to right or right to left
  • Enable or disable Shortcodes

Select buttons, options and shortcodes you want to enable in your comment form area and save your changes

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