New WordPress Quick FrontEnd Editor With AJAX Based Process

WP Quick FrontEnd Editor is the new WordPress plugin that lets you edit all website contents containing posts, pages and other custom post types using an AJAX based interface from front end, without going to the admin area dashboard.

You may also use this plugin in addition with ‘Remove Dashboard Access‘ to completely hide dashboard from your website users. Great for static client websites when you just want to allow your client to update content without accessing the admin section. 

WP Quick FrontEnd Editor plugin allows you to change and save content of post, pages and custom post types with WYSIWYG editor from front end. Hence you can quickly and easily edit your website content without going to dashboard for little changes.

The plugin allows you to format your text in the way you want. You can insert images from media library with drag-n-drop or by using the ‘Upload’ button.

It’s AJAX based process simply saves your time. It provides you a user friendly interface, designed to save as many trips to the backend as possible, works with almost all WordPress themes.

Start by installing ‘WP Quick FrontEnd Editor’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation, you may open your posts, pages to edit your content and images etc.

WP Quick FrontEnd Editor

By clicking the save button when over with changes and your content will be updated according to new edits you have made.

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