Get Moderated Editing Possible For Published WordPress Content And Enable Approval By Editor

Sometimes when you make changes to any of your blog post and think of reviewing them before making them live, using default WordPress features what you can get is post revisions from the author and then upload them manually. But with Revisionary plugin you get option to save revisions to your published post and then they can get reviewed, then published later.

Pending Revision Confirmation Page:

Revisionary lets you enable qualified site users to submit changes for your published posts and pages. Even contributors also gains ability to submit revisions to their own published content and if these changes, if approved by an Editor, can get published immediately or scheduled to future. View all screenshots to understand better.

Pending Revisions in Edit Pages Listing:

Editor / Administrator views submission in Revisions Manager:

Compare Difference Display in Revisions Manager:

Partial Plugin Features Include:

  1. Pending Revisions allow designated users to suggest changes to a currently published post/page
  2. Scheduled Revisions allow you to specify future changes to published content (either via Pending Revision approval or directly by fully qualified author/editor)
  3. Enchanced Revision Management Form
  4. Front-end preview display of Pending / Scheduled Revisions with “Publish Now” link
  5. New WordPress role, “Revisor” is a moderated Editor
  6. Works with blog-wide WordPress Roles, or in conjunction with Press Permit or Role Scoper

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