New WordPress WA Form Builder With Cool AJAX Features

WA Form Builder is the brand new WordPress plugin you can use for capturing user information from your website using its user friendly form builder and its cool AJAX drag and drop features. The plugin enables you to use textfields, textareas, dropdowns, radio buttons etc. You can provide an interactive visual editor on the front-end for styling forms.

Front end form visual editor:

Front end form with styling:

Simple Front end form:

Front end form showing error warnings:

Installation & Usage:

Install and activate WA Form Builder plugin. After activation visit your admin area Dashboard and use new menu item on the left hand navigation labelled WA Form Builder for creating and managing your forms.

Also you can activate its interactive tutorial whenever you need help.

All submitted forms are saved and can be viewed anytime. It also sends confirmation emails to the users completing a form plus there are many other features including:

  • Inbuilt Anti-Spam
  • Ask an interactive tutorial when you need help;
  • Create muliple forms by simply dragging and dropping
  • Use textfields, textareas, dropdowns, radio buttons to capture information from your website
  • All forms submited are saved also and confirmation e-mails are sended to end users

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