How To Enable Comment Editing For Unregistered WordPress Users?

Sometime after leabing comment on any website you must have felt the need of editing your comment, maybe due to some grammar or spelling mistake or regret of posting something idiotic. But unfortunately, most WordPress sites doesn’t provides the ability for anonymous users to edit their comments. The reason is, by default WordPress only provides this ability to site admins. In this tutorial, you will see how in a few clicks you can enable your anonymous and unregistered users to edit their comment.

How To Allow Unregistered Comments To Edit Their Comment?

There two good plugins, Simple Comment Editing & AJAX Edit Comments:

Simple Comment Editing

The first plugin is Simple Comment Editing, which really very simple to use. Simply install and activate it and you are done. Upon activation the plugin the enables unregistered users of your website to edit their comment after posting it.

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Ajax Edit Comments

Second plugin is Ajax Edit Comments. As clear from its name, the plugin uses AJAX for comment editing. First plugin i.e. Simple Comment Editing is just a stripped down version of AJAX Comment Editing plugin which has got various features and options but if you only looking for comment edit feature the go for the first plugin. You can know abut its features at download page.

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How ‘Simple Comment Editing’ Plugin Is Different From ‘AJAX Edit Comments’ Plugin?

  1. Simple Comment Editing allows only anonymous users (and logged in users who don’t have permission to edit comments) can edit or delete their comments for a period of time (the default is 5 minutes).
  2. In Simple Comment Editing plugin, there are no styles included with this plugin. For most themes, the appearance is acceptable. For advanced customization, see the “Other Notes” section.
  3. Simple Comment Editing includes no options. Some defaults can be overwritten using filters.

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