Bring WordPress Admin Area Post Management Features To Frontend Of Your Website

Earlier we discussed about a few WordPress plugins that makes frontend post editing possible but are limited to content editing purposes only. This tutorial is on a powerful WordPress plugin that allows you to create, edit and manage all your blog posts with media, taxonomy terms etc direct from the frontend of your website.

Installation & Usage: Install and activate Frontier Post. After activation the plugin automatically creates a page with permalink from where you can manage all your blog posts and create new ones. In-case if the page is not automatically created then manually create a page and paste this short-code [frontier-post] in there.

How to create new posts from the frontend ?

Visit page (or the page where you have used the plugin’s shortcode) and click ‘CREATE NEW POST’ button.

How to edit posts from the frontend ?

Simply click the edit button present at the bottom of your blog posts or visit page (or the page where you have used the plugin’s shortcode) and manage your posts from there.

Options & Features: There are many different options and feature which you can enable from Dashboard -> Settings -> Frontier Post admin page.

  • Create posts with media directly from frontend
  • Users can delete their own posts (Optional)
  • Users can edit their own posts (Optional)
  • Post can be edited in frontend directly – Using standard edit link (Optional)
  • My Posts Widget
  • My Approvals Widget
  • Capabilities are aligned with WordPress standard.
  • Excerpts editable (Optional)
  • Edit Categories (dropdown or multiselect)
  • Default category per role
  • Tags (Optional)
  • Supports WordPress Post Status Transitions
  • 4 editor options for frontend editing (Full, Simple-Visual, Simple-Html or Text-Only)
  • Editor enhancements: Smiley (emoticons), Table control and Search & Replace
  • Disable Admin bar per role (Optional)
  • Users must be logged in to post

My Posts Widget

  • Show logged-in users posts (Author)
    • My Posts
    • Comments to users posts
    • Experpts of comments
  • Link: Create New Post

My Approvals Widget

  • Shows pending approval actions including link to approval (will only show for administrators)
    • Number of post approvals pending
    • Number of drafts (optional)
    • Number of comment approvals pending
    • Number of comments marked as spam

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