How To Display Links To Child Pages Of Current Page In WordPress ?

WordPress allows you to create child pages of any page. For creating a child page all what you do is select the parent page from the Page Attributes meta box on the left of Add New & Edit Pages in WordPress admin area. This tutorial explains you how you can easily display child pages of any page by using simple shortcodes. You can use a custom width and size of page’s thumbnail.

Install and activate Child Pages Shortcode plugin in your WordPress site. Soon after activation you can start using this [child_pages] in your pages to display its child pages. Simply by using this shortcode the plugin automatically detects the child pages of that particular page where this shortcode is used and displays them all. Following are the main features of this plugin:

  1. This plugin will add shortcode [child_pages] display child pages.
  2. You can customize default HTML template on your plugin.
  3. This plugin will be able to “excerpt” to the pages.

Other than this the plugin provides you few shortcode arguments you can use. For example if you want to use custom width for the links of your child pages then simply use the shortcode like this [child_pages width=”33%”]. You may use following arguments with your shortcode:

  1. id – ID of page (Optional)
  2. size – Post thumbnail size. e.g. ‘thumbnail’ or ‘large’
  3. width – width of block for child pages.

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