Easily Organize WordPress Pages With AJAX Based Page Manager

Swifty Page Manager is great option for WordPress sites having a lot of pages. With this new plugin you can very quickly and easily manage all your website pages using a powerful and user friendly AJAX interface. It displays how the pages in your website are positioned and related with each other so called page tree view of parent and child pages. You can create, edit, delete and manage other page settings like page name, status and more in a very intuitive way.

How To Use Swifty Page Manager?

Install and activate Swifty Page Manager  plugin. After activation visit your admin area dashboard Pages -> Swifty Page Manager screen and you will be seeing a list of your website pages which you can expand and organize in your way.

Swifty Page Manager 1

Clicking over a page name displays the hidden page management buttons. You can use drag-n-drop to re-organize and assign child pages in seconds.

Swifty Page Manager 2

And it provides you all important page editing options like:

  • You can create a new page (by clicking the + icon)
  • You can name a page (for the menu in your site)
  • You can position a page (on the same level as the previous one or as a sub)
  • You can publish a page (by clicking the publish button)
  • You can put a page back on draft (after it has been published – new pages start as draft)
  • You can move a page with drag and drop (click and hold the page icon while you move it)
  • You can jump to a page to view it (by clicking the view icon)
  • You can jump to a page to edit it (by clicking the edit icon)
  • You can remove a page (by clicking the trash bin icon)
  • You can retrieve a page (by clicking the ‘Trash’link)

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