Top 3 WordPress Plugins For Listing Child Pages On Parent Page

Unlike to posts, WordPress pages allows you to create sub/child pages of any page. This is done from page attributes widget present on Dashboard -> Pages -> Add New page. By default WordPress doesn’t provides you any option for listing child pages but most WP themes allows you to show them as dropdown menu in navigation. Now this article is on few good WordPress plugins you may use for listing child pages on their main parent page so that you can make things easy for your visitors specially if you are not showing them on navigation.

Following Are Three Plugins That Lists Child Pages On A Parent Page:

List Pages Shortcode

The plugin introduces shortcodes [list-pages], [sibling-pages] and [child-pages] for easily displaying a list of pages within a post or page. Both shortcodes accept all parameters that you can pass to the wp_list_pages() function with the addition of a class parameter.


Listing pages sorted by title

[list-pages sort_column="post_title"]

Listing pages but exclude certain IDs and set the class of the list to “my-page-list”

[list-pages exclude="17,38"]

Show excerpt

[list-pages excerpt="1"]

Listing the current page’s children, but only show the top level

[child-pages depth="1"]

Listing the current page’s siblings and their subpages

[sibling-pages depth="2"]

Child Page Navigation

It provides you a “Child Page Navigation” widget which can list all of the pages which are child to current page and if the page has no child pages, the widget will not show. After activation you may use the widget from Widget’s page present in site Appearance section.

Child Pages Shortcode

The plugin provides you shortcode to display child pages from the page.

Main Features:

  • This plugin will add shortcode [child_pages] display child pages.
  • You can customize default HTML template on your plugin.
  • This plugin will be able to “excerpt” to the pages.


Display child pages of the current page.

[child_pages width="33%"]


  • id – ID of page (Optional)
  • size – Post thumbnail size. e.g. ‘thumbnail’ or ‘large’
  • width – width of block for child pages.
  • disable_shortcode – Shortcode not work in the template if set true.
  • disable_excerpt_filters – filters not work for the excerpt if set true.

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