WP Easy Scroll Posts – Append Next Post Page To Current Page On Scrolling In WordPress

Now you can automatically append next page of posts to current content page in your WordPress site when any visitor scrolls to the bottom.

Earlier we have discussed about extending infinite scrolling to single post screens, we have also discussed about doing same on other websites you browse via Google Chrome browser.

This lesson is about new WordPress plugin called WP EasyScroll Posts. It provides you the ability to load content automatically via AJAX within the current page or content area as user scrolls down. 

WP EasyScroll Posts 1

The plugin works by reading next and previous links of existing server-side pagination and it loads these pages using AJAX.

Start by installing ‘WP EasyScroll Posts’ plugin in WordPress

WP EasyScroll Posts 2

Upon activation, visit your admin area dashboard and click WP EasyScroll Posts from left side admin menu. The page allows you to set configuration settings and customize frontend display options of the plugin.

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