Enable Fast & Beautiful AJAX Powered Grid View In WordPress Media Library

Default view of WordPress media library is simple and slow and nobody even likes to visit there for browsing images. Sometime back we discussed about displaying media file URL on media library page, people need such plugins because default media library page is show and has a very boring layout. But now after reading this tutorial you can make your media library very beautiful and fast. Media Grid is an awesome WordPress plugin, it works out of box and there are no options to set after activation.

How To Enable Beautiful Grid View In WordPress Media Library?

Install and activate Media Grid plugin. After activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Media -> Library page then click that new ‘Media Grid’ icon next to ‘Add New’ button. That’s all, welcome to new cool grid library view.

This is not just grid view but now you can increase the size of the thumbnails by using that drag button next to search box and woops search is also now AJAX based, try typing a few keywords.

Enable Beautiful AJAX Powered Grid View For Media Library In WordPress

Editing image now very fast and there is no browser reload, click any image and it will open up via AJAX and you can make changes, copy media file URL and much more in a very beautiful, new and fast style.

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