How To Bulk Create WordPress Categories & Other Taxonomy Terms?

Now you know how to create multiple posts or post types at once in your WordPress site. We have also discussed about bulk posting videos from YouTube, Vimeo & DailyMotion etc to WordPress. In this lesson you will learn about creating terms & taxonomies like tags, categories etc in bulk on your WordPress installation. 

Suppose you are creating a podcasting website and you want all categories like music, movies, sports, entertainment etc on your website so that your authors can easily find them and select appropriate category for their content or may be you want to limit one author to one category only. In such cases creating multiple categories can be a real pain.

But now no worries, BulkPress provides you a user-friendly interface on WordPress admin area dashboard from where you can bulk add posts, pages, categories, custom post types and taxonomy terms. Great for managing vast amounts of content in less time.

Start by installing ‘BulkPress’ in WordPress

Upon activation, you can start bulk adding categories (and terms of custom taxonomies) and pages/posts (and posts of custom post types) with an option to specify hierarchy in added posts or terms.

For creating new Taxonomies like Categories, Tags, Navigation Menu, Link Category, Format etc

Visit your admin area dashboard BulkPress -> Terms and select taxonomy type from the dropdown.

Add terms on left (press ENTER for new line) and their slugs on right (optional). if you are creating some hierarchy taxonomy terms like category then you may also select parent category (optional) by scrolling down and using ‘Add to parent’ dropdown box.


For creating new Posts, Pages, Media, Revisions, Post Types etc

Visit your admin area dashboard BulkPress -> Posts and start typing in title, slugs, select post status (published, private, draft, trash etc) and then click ‘Add Posts’ button.

This feature is limited to post title and slug, for creating post content at the same type refer to our this tutorial on bulk creating posts in WordPress.

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