Create Your Own YouTube Like Video Broadcasting Website Using PHPmotion

What is PHPmotion ?

PHPmotion is a free video sharing software also supports other media types like audio/mp3 sharing. This CMS allows you to create and run your own Video Sharing Site, Music Sharing Site, Picture Sharing Site very easily, you can now have a website just like ,, veoh, hi5 and best of all. Its 100% free to download and use but have a few Terms and Conditions.

How To Install PHPmotion ?

Creating MySQL Database

Create Database and its user giving all database privileges to the user you have created.


  • If you use cPanel then you can easily create database from MySQL database wizard.

Remember: You will be needing database username & password during installation.

Downloading and Installing PHPmotion

  1. Download PHPmotion zip.
  2. Upload it your domain or its sub-directory.
  3. Extract all files.


  • If you want to install PHPmotion to your domain’s sub-directory then just rename this PHPmotion’s extracted folder. For example: Suppose if I want to install PHPmotion in then I’ll rename this extracted folder as tv. 
  • And if you are installing PHPmotion to your domain’s root directory then after extracting PHPmotion zip open the extracted folder. Select all extracted files and move them to root directory. So that publicly appear as

Installation Wizard

  • Visit your domain Or if you have installed it in a sub-directory then visit
  • Read TOC and click continue.
  • It shows some Pre-Installation Checks (results). Click continue.
  • This page would be showing FILE & DIRECTORY PERMISSIONS. Click continue.
Remember to manually chmod all the files (on step 4) in your cgi-bin directory to 755. Ignore if already did.
  • Now add your MySQL database details:
WhereMySQL Host is localhost (mostly) but sometimes it don’t work. In that case check your database host from MySQL database detail. If its not there then ask it from your hosting provider.
Database Name, Database Username and Password are same which you have created earlier.
  • Enter these Database details and click continue.
  • Enter your admin details.
Admin Details Section : Enter the username and password you will be using for logging in as admin to your PHPmotion site.
General Site Information Section : Enter your site name and domain URL. If you are installing it in your domain’s sub-directory then you need to do a change in your .htaccess file. Read instructions here. What only you need to do here is:
Open your .htaccess file(present in your PHPmotion sites’s root directory). Look up for RewriteBase / and write your sub directory name there same as RewriteBase /your subdirectory
  • Click continue
  • Your setup is complete. Follow the given instructions. It will be asking you to delete setup folder before logging-in to your site.
  • Delete setup folder from your site’s directory and click Login to Site Admin.

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