Turn WordPress Comments More Bearable Using Hacks By Yoast

In this lesson we will discuss about some simple but useful comment hacks used by Yoast team of WordPress developers. Using these hacks you can make comments management easier and perform some tasks more quickly and easily than you think. 

Yoast Comment Hacks is a WordPress plugin which upon activation adds some hacks around core WordPress comments in order to turn them more bearable.

Yoast Comment Hacks 2

What ‘Yoast Comments Hacks’ does to WordPress comments?

  • It makes cleaner comment notification emails.
  • It provides you an option to disallow comments below a certain length.
  • It allows you to automatically redirect first time commenters to a thank you page.
  • It provides an input field on the comment edit screen to change the comment parent ID.
  • It provides links in the admin comments section to email individual commenters.
  • It provides a button in WordPress admin toolbar to email all the commenters on a post.

Start by installing ‘Yoast Comment Hacks’ plugin in WordPress

Yoast Comment Hacks 1

Upon activation, visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> Comment Hacks screen and select your options.

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