How To Automatically Create WordPress Posts Of YouTube Videos From A Given YouTube Account ?

This tutorial is on creating new blog posts for YouTube videos from any YouTube account. Automatic Youtube Video Posts Plugin lets you automatically imports any YouTube account (or playlist) videos then creates posts for them, publish them or simply save their draft for your review.

Installation & Usage: Install and activate Automatic Youtube Video Posts Plugin. After activation visit its settings page from your admin area dashboard. Here you get eight options to set:

  1. Your Youtube profile user name– It clarifies which account is to be used by the plugin to auto-import videos and create posts for them.
  2. Set category – In which category you want your video posts to appear
  3. Automatically publish posts – Set this option to immediately publish post as soon the video is imported. Else it creates it as a draft.
  4. Display YouTube video meta – It determines to display or remove information about the YouTube video while viewing video post on your Weblog. If you enable this feature then video author, video date on YouTube, its YouTube URL, embed code etc are displayed.
  5. Number of words before WordPress ™’ “More” tag – Number placed here sets the number of words in the content placed in the post before WordPress ™’ “more” tag is placed.
  6. Dimensions – This is the width and the height you’d like your videos to be on their respective posts.
  7. Display videos in post lists – Whether or not to display videos in the excerpts shown when displaying content in post loops.
  8. Import the latest videos every – How long to wait between importing the latest 20 videos.

Full documentation of this plugin is available on its official website.

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