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There Cannot Be Any Free Men Without Free Women

Free women form free families. Upbringing of free children occurs only in a free family. Without that much there cannot be any free men. So what actually sets a woman free?

A free woman must own her domain and domestic entrepreneurship. That much sets a woman actually free. Free children are homeschooled by parents for inheriting their free home equipped with its domestic entrepreneurship on a globally distinct domain. Together by their free will, they let a free man code for them and humanity.

A free man knows respecting the free will of a free woman, who owns herself. Naturally she shall be owning her household, domestic entrepreneurship and domain name along with homeschooling her children to keep her man also free. Only that sets a woman truly free.

How To Parent Boys?

Let boys do all the maths, hacks, tracks and sketches other than doing their household cores to grow as free men. Let them find out and let them make whatever they like most.

Indulging deep within the code of dominant technologies is the ultimate free way to free men. Thereafter they won’t have free time.

Sangkrit sees independent jobs for at least one billion free men to program this world. They could be building their net worth by independently changing this world.