How To Use Instant Magnification On Your Android Device?

Today, a user of emailed us asking about the sequence of steps he should follow to startup his business online. He also said that he suffers from vision problem since school age which now affects his smartphone and tablet usage very much. He asked us if anyone could design him an app to zoom screen of other apps and features he use on his Android device.

Everyday new apps are launched by startups and developers but not all apps provide you with zooming function. This sometimes cause difficulty to some users in reading, accessing and using features of many apps.

No worries, very much like to zooming photos and documents on Android, one can turn on built-in magnifying glass to clearly look stuff which is hard to see or read fine print on most Android smartphones.


You can zoom-in while working on some app that doesn’t provides or supports zooming feature, such as Pinterest, Instagram etc.

To turn on this Android feature, navigate over to Accessibility settings and then simply triple tap the screen anywhere to zoom, you can pinch to zoom further and one more triple tap to exit the magnification.

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