Save Anything To Read Offline On Android, iPhone & Kindle

Instapaper is a useful web service that lets Android, Chrome, iPhone & iPad users save anything on web to read offline from anywhere using any device.

It allows you to save all types of articles, videos, recipes, songs, lyrics, or whatever else you find while browsing world wide web. In one click, Instapaper will let you to save, access and manage these things from your devices.

It syncs the web content you save to make it waiting for you on all your devices like your iPhone or iPad, Android, laptop (Chrome browser) or Kindle. You can read anything you save from anywhere and at anytime, without really going online.

How To Use Instapaper?

You first need to create your Instapaper account and then install its app on your devices. Users who aren’t logged in are taken to a login or signup page, once the process is complete, you are directed back to the original page with the original page saved in queue.

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