How To Keep Multiple User Accounts On Your Android Device?

Very much like to Linux, MAC OS, Windows and other operating systems now Android also allows you to add another user account.

Like your computer desktops and laptops, some Android tablets can have more than one user account so that other users can have their own custom options, home screens, widgets on a single mobile device.

How To Add New User Account In Your Android Tablet?

  1. Navigate to ‘Settings’ and select Users.
  2. If you own a Samsung tablet, look up on the ‘General’ tab for the Users item. (If you don’t see the Users category then it must be the case that your tablet doesn’t supports this feature. Likewise the feature is more of a tablet than of Android operating system.)
  3. Touch the Add User button followed by OK button.
  4. Now you may configure the new user account.
  5. Touch ‘Set Up Now’ button to continue the configuration process or you might want to hand over the device to the user and allow him to choose his custom options himself.

The configuration process has all same setup steps when you first turned on your Android tablet.

Once a successful configuration is made, all configured user accounts would be listed on the tablet at the bottom of the lock screen.

In order to use tablet as a specific user, simply touch the account circle visible on the lock screen.

Make note to these important but optional steps:

  • You may apply a PIN (password) to your account which might be important if your tablet is running multiple user accounts.
  • The first user is the main user with all primary administrative control.
  • Once you are done using your tablet, lock the screen so that other users can then access their own accounts without accessing your personal information.
  • You can remove any account from same ‘Users’ screen present in the ‘Settings’ option. Simply touch the ‘Trash’ icon visible next to the user account. Yes, it asks you for confirmation, touch the ‘Delete’ button to confirm account deletion.

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