Easily Remove Background From Photos Online

Earlier Photoshop was only popular tool available to remove backgrounds from images but now there are many good online tools available that enables you to remove any type of background from images in just a few clicks or taps.

FotoFlexer is one such tool that lets you remove background from images. You start by uploading the image, then click ‘Geek’ tab and select “Smart Scissors”. A tool that works very much like the Magnetic Lasso selection of Photoshop.

Remove Background - Screenshot from 2016-02-11 13:52:43

Now you simply need to select the image by drawing lines, once you select the image, click “Create Cutout” to separate the image from the background.

It can be used for separating an image from the other, merging to photographs, extracting a cutout from its background etc.

Other Background Remover Services:

Clipping Magic is another great service to remove image backgrounds and make them transparent in a matter of few clicks.


EditPhotosForFree also provides you a background remover tool which is completely client side JavaScript background remover. You are able to draw edges manually or automatically using its MagicWand tool.

Background Eraser for Android

Background Eraser is an Android App that allows any Android device user to cut pictures and make any picture’s background transparent.

background remover

The resulting images can be used as stamps with other apps to make a photo-montage, collage or whatever you like.

The auto mode feature of the application allows you to automatically erase similar pixels whereas its extract mode allows you to select and erase objects which you want to remove accurately, by using blue & red markers.

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