Android Pay – Google’s New Mobile Wallet App Is Now Available

Android Pay is Google’s second mobile wallet app (after Google Wallet). It is fast, secure, tap-pay-done app, now officially available for download at Google Play.

It works with all NFC-enabled Android devices (running KitKat 4.4+), on any mobile carrier, at every tap and pay ready location across the US.

Supports credit & debit cards

Supports credit and debit cards from the four major payment networks:

  1. Visa
  2. Discover
  3. MasterCard
  4. American Express

And any mobile carrier you might use. It has been programmed to work with popular US banks and credit unions including American Express, Bank of America, Discover, Navy Federal Credit Union, PNC, Regions Bank, USAA, and U.S. Bank. Wells Fargo , Capital One and Citi Bank. They are continuously adding new banks.


Android Pay can be used over million locations across US time zones, one simple tap and your payment is accepted. Google says that the application is secure and keeps your personal as well as financial information safe.

Your card number is kept secret

The application is supported by industry standard tokenization which means your real credit or debit card number in never sent with your payment. Instead they use a virtual account number providing you with an extra layer of online security.

Catching suspicious activity

Whenever you make a purchase, it shows you payment confirmation with info on where a given transaction happened, hence it’s easy to catch any suspicious activity.

In-case you lost Android device

In-case you lost phone, you can quickly lock your device using Android Device Manager. You can secure it with a new password or wipe it clean of your personal information.

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