Zedity – Create WordPress Content With Total Design Freedom

You can design posts the way you want, you can insert images, rotate them to some angle, write text before or after them, adjust text location and size with inserted image and much more with Zedity WordPress editor.

Zedity: The Easiest Way of Creating Your Posts and Pages is a WordPress plugin which upon activation adds a new type of editor on WordPress content editing pages.

It adds its TinyMCE button on WordPress visual editor which when clicked opens up Zedity editor in a thickbox. The editor allows you to create and design content with same freedom you get when writing on paper.

Start by installing ‘Zedity: The Easiest Way of Creating Your Posts and Pages’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation, visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> Zedity Editor to configure your settings.

Once options are set, visit your admin area dashboard Posts -> Add New or open any old post or post type to edit.

Click ‘Zedity’ icon on your visual editor to start using Zedity editor. It has various tabs as shown in the given screenshot. Using ‘Add Box’ tab you can insert text, image, audio, video etc then adjust them with your mouse drag-drop-hold-rotate and use ‘Save’ button to insert everything in your post content box.

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