View All Important Details Of Gmail Contacts Without Leaving Inbox

Now you can know all important information of your Gmail contacts without leaving your inbox and ongoing conversations. You can view more details about your contacts, their social profile links, photos, job titles, recent tweets, Instagram and Facebook posts etc.

You can see even more details including company information such as detailed info about your contacts’ organizations, company description, size, location, and demographics etc.

Also you may keep everything synchronized, add notes and tags to your contacts then sync everything to Google Contacts and your devices with a single click.

FullContact for Gmail™ lets you do all this easily from your Google Chrome browser. Start by adding ‘FullContact for Gmail™’ in your Google Chrome or Chromium browser

Once extension is installed, login to your Gmail account, open any conversation and you will be noticing this app’s section on right side of your inbox. Sign in with your Google Account and start playing.

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