How To Create Beautiful Drop Caps In WordPress?

A Drop cap is the first enlarged letter of an article or paragraph which drops up to two or more lines. These are often seen at the beginning of magazines, novels and some newpapers where the top of the first letter of the first word lines up with the top of the first sentence and drops down to the fourth or fifth sentence. WordPress users can use dropcaps in their posts, pages and other custom post types with shortcodes.

This tutorial is about a good drop caps plugin called Dropcaps Shortcode and Widget. It allows you to use drop caps with various customization options. The plugin adds a drop cap shortcode generator in WordPress visual editor with which you can create drop caps and insert them anywhere in your website like on your pages, posts, on a sidebar widget etc.

To start, install and activate Dropcaps Shortcode and Widget plugin. Upon activation visit ADD NEW/EDIT post page and you will be noticing a new TinyMCE button in your visual editor.

The button opens up a pop-up thickbox from where you can set your drop cap customization options like Label, Font, Label, Color, Background Color, Size, Border, Border Color, Shadow, Square, Content, Custom CSS Class etc and then insert it into your post.

The plugin also provides you a dropcap widget which you can use from Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets page.

Shortcode Ultimate plugin users can insert simple dropcaps by visiting ADD NEW/EDIT post screen. Then clicking ‘Insert Shortcode’ button and selecting the drop cap option.

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