Easy Flashcards – Create, Design And Manage Flashcards In WordPress

New Easy Flashcard plugin by Sage Sony enables you to create, design and manage flashcards on your WordPress site. You can very easily create multiple flashcards from your admin section and then display them inside your posts, pages, custom post types and other shortcode supported areas on your website. 

A flashcard generated by easy flashcards plugin allows you to show text on the front and backside of a card. These flashcards flips to show their backside on mouse hover.

Start by installing and activating Easy Flashcard plugin in your WordPress site. Upon activation visit your admin area dashboard Manage Flashcards -> Flashcard Settings page to select your options.

You can set flashcards width, height, border radius, text size and color for the back and front sides of flashcards.

Easy Flashcards 2

When you’re done with customization. Visit Manage Flashcards ->Manage Flashcards (Main Page) for creating new flashcards.

For creating a new flashcard: Simply type in a name, add text for the front & back sides. ‘Insert Another Flashcard’ button allows you to add multiple flashcards and generate one shortcode.

Easy Flashcards 1

Clicking the ‘Save’ button generates the shortcode. Now copy that shortcode and use it for displaying that flashcard.

Easy Flashcards 3

You can create multiple flashcards. All generated shorcodes can be accessed from your admin area dashboard Flashcards ->Manage Flashcards (Main Page).

The one limitation we have noticed about the plugin is that all its customization options work globally and hence you cannot define custom colors, size and layout individually on your flashcards. Currently, all customization works for all flashcards on your website.

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