Infinite Scroll For WordPress: Automatically Append Next Page Of Posts Via AJAX When User Scrolls To The Bottom

Recently Jetpack by WordPress.Com plugin added the module of Infinite Scroll that automatically append the next page of posts using AJAX to your page when as soon your visitors scroll to the bottom of multi post page. We have also posted a tutorial on Jetpack’s Infinite Scroll ModuleNow this tutorial explains you how you can add infinite scroll feature even of you are not using Jetpack.

Install and activate Infinite Scroll plugin then visit its settings page and select your infinite scrolling options. Infinite Scroll pre-fetches the content from a subsequent page then adds it directly to user’s current page. When any user scrolls to the bottom of the page, the next page of posts gets automatically retrieved and appended and hence they never need to click “Next Page” or other Pagination buttons.


  • Works out-of-the-box for many popular WordPress themes — just activate the plugin and scroll
  • Fully customizable to adapt to your site and theme
  • Requires no (hopefully) template hacking, only a knowledge of CSS selectors.
  • Relies on shared database of common themes to simplify installation process
  • Maintain local database of theme presets for all installed themes (shared across network on multisite installs)
  • Countless API endpoints to modify the behavior.
  • Backwards compatible: Will not break RSS readers, mobile devices, or browsers with javascript

Visit for more information on this plugin.

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