How To Use A Responsive Scroll To Top Button In WordPress?

There are various scroll top button plugins available for WordPress. Scroll to top or to top buttons simply allows you to instantly scroll back to header of the webpage. In this tutorial we will show you how to make it work on responsive WordPress sites.

It is easy to manually create this button with HTML and /or PHP, we have already discussed about it here. But adding some jQuery spice up things, a little bit.

jQuery based to top buttons shows up automatically and works more beautifully with infinite scroll feature on WordPress and BuddyPress sites.

X-Scroll To Top - Responsive 2

This tutorial is about X-Scroll To Top – Responsive plugin which provides you a very good and easy way of adding top top button on responsive WordPress sites.

The button is centrally aligned and there are no big side margin and padding CSS etc. This makes it look good from big screen desktops to small screen tablets and smart phones.

How To Use Responsive To Top Button Plugin?

Start by installing X-Scroll To Top – Responsive plugin in your website. Upon activation the plugin enables a simple top top button which shows up when a user starts scrolling the webpage and goes off when he reaches back to the top of the webpage.

X-Scroll To Top - Responsive 1

It is a simple, lightweight and very easy to use plugin. You can change the default button color and match it with your website’s color scheme.

For using a custom button color, visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> X scroll option page and your can either paste your color code or select a color using its color picker.

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