Easily Add Infinite Scroll (With Animation) To Twenty Fifteen WordPress Theme

Twenty Fifteen is the new WordPress blog focused default theme released with new WP 4.1 update.

Earlier we have discussed about adding infinite scroll in WordPress. We have also discussed about extending infinite scroll to single post screens.

But a few days back, a SANGKRIT.net user told us that he is facing some problem when activating infinite scroll in new default WordPress theme i.e. Twenty Fifteen.

In this lesson we will show you how you can enable and use infinite scrolling feature with Twenty Fifteen WordPress theme. 

Twenty Fifteen

What all you have to do is install and activate Infinite Scroll To Twenty Fifteen plugin. The plugin is specially designed for Twenty Fifteen and provides you one click solution.

Customizing Infinite Scroll Text Messages

The infinite scrolling uses animation effect and you can also edit the text message.

For instance: You can change loading text message ‘Loading posts …’ to something else. You can also change finished text message which by default is ‘No more posts!’ to something else like ‘No more posts to show’ or whatever else you like.

This is done from your admin area dashboard Settings -> Reading page under the ‘Infinite Scroll Text Messages’ section.

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