Automatically Display Targeted Amazon Products Related To Your WordPress Site Content

StickyZon Lite is an awesome WordPress plugin that lets you add Amazon products related to your blog posts content. With this new plugin you can add targeted products without touching or adding any code snippet. Its a quick set and forget plugin which automatically adds most popular Amazon products to your blog posts related to your post topic.

This way the similar products increases the chance for your visitors to go and take a look over your products and buy them from Amazon. You can make easy commissions without any work.


  • Easy 3 mintue setup
  • Automatically searches Amazon products based on post tags, categories or preset keywords
  • Automatically adds Amazon products at the end on of post contents
  • Completely blends with site layout and post content
  • No code modification or extra coding required

Getting Started: Install and activate StickyZon Lite plugin. Upon activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> StickyZon Lite page and set Amazon Affiliate ID, API Key (Access Key ID), Secret Access Key and choose your Amazon Product Category using the drop down box.

Other than this you can Use Post Tags to search products, Use Post Categories to search products, Set Default search keywords, Add Widget Title, Edit Buy Now Link Text and Show sponsor link etc.

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