Easily Create Facebook Ads Right From WordPress Admin

Facebook Ads Tool lets you create cool Facebook ads directly from your WordPress admin interface. It provides you an easy user-friendly interface and you can quickly start in seconds creating your own Facebook ads that drives new traffic and promote your web pages. You can know more about its awesome features on its download page at WordPress.org here.

To start simply install and activate Facebook Ads Tool and follow the given steps:

Step-1 Creating your Facebook Add

  • Upon activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Facebook Ads Tool -> Create An Add page
  • Choose your Ad Destination, Type Headline and Ad Text, Upload image (It shows real time add preview) and click Next button

Step-3 Specify the people (audience) who will be shown your Ad. How old they are, what their interests are, etc.

  • Add countries you like targeting
  • Enter amount you like spending on this add
  • Set Start & End Date and then click Done button

Step-3 Time to enter your Billing Information

  • Enter your Full Name, Card Number, CSV Security Code, Expiry Date then click Submit button and follow the steps.

The plugin also activates Facebook Ads Dashboard (Dashboard ->Facebook Ads Tool -> Ads Dashboard) where you can keep track of your Facebook Ads, Clicks, Conversions and other useful information. Following screenshots will certainly make you better understand this useful tool that works from WordPress admin section:

facebook-ads screenshot 1Creating a Facebook Ad in your WordPress Admin (Part 1)facebook-ads screenshot 2Creating a Facebook Ad in your WordPress Admin (Part 2)facebook-ads screenshot 3Creating a Facebook Ad directly from a wordpress page

facebook-ads screenshot 4Your Ad on Facebook

facebook-ads screenshot 5Live Social Contests & Promotions

facebook-ads screenshot 6Creating a Sweepstakes in your WordPress Admin

facebook-ads screenshot 7Email Automation Campaigns

facebook-ads screenshot 8Contact Database

facebook-ads screenshot 9Campaign Analytics


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