Easily Tweak Frontend & Backend Of Your WordPress Site

With WP Caregiver plugin you can easily turn on-off some basic theme and core services of WordPress. Simply install and activate then plugin. After activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> WP Caregiver and tick the features which you like to remove.

Frontend features you can remove:

  1. Remove generator meta tag
  2. Remove RSD (Really Simple Discovery ) link
  3. Remove Windows Live Writer link
  4. Remove post relational links (prev, next)
  5. Remove canonical link
  6. Remove RSS feed links
  7. Remove admin bar
  8. Remove the Website URL field from the comment form
  9. Quick maintenance
  10. Force login

Backend features you can remove:

  1. Disable core (WordPress) update notification
  2. Disable plugins update notification
  3. Disable themes update notification
  4. Hide login error messages
  5. Enable “All Settings” item in Settings menu
  6. Enable Link Manager feature
  7. Enable Featured image support
  8. Enable excerpt field for pages
  9. Enable TinyMCE Editor for excerpt
  10. Display IDs in post/page list
  11. Customize WP Mail
  12. Remove WordPress version from footer

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