Video Checkmarking In WordPress – Know What Posts You’ve Already Made Video For

Video checkmarking is a very useful feature for video bloggers. It allows you to check what posts you have already made videos for. Video Checkmark is the new WordPress plugin that adds a new checkbox column on admin area all post archive page. Using this checkbox column you can mark the posts you have already made video for. 

For Example: Suppose you have just started a new YouTube channel and you are now busy in creating new videos for tutorials you have shared on your blog.

Not all posts on your website are tutorials and hence if you have Video checkmark plugin installed on your website, you can go marking ‘How to’ and other tutorials you have already made video for.

Using Video Checkmark Plugin In WordPress

Install and activate Video checkmark plugin in your WordPress site. That’s it, it has no configuration options to set.

Now visit your admin area dashboard Posts -> All Posts page and you will be noticing a new column showing you checkbox next to each and every blog post.

Video Checkmarking

It has no save changes button. Simply start ticking the posts you have already made video for and it remembers you choice.

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