Make Chromebook Work Offline With Locally Cached Copies Of Web Pages

When you request any web page online, the browser connects to the server and fetches that web page content then displays it to you on your device’s screen. 

Firefox already provides you offline mode which lets you browse web pages offline. The web pages are displayed from their auto-saved copies generated during your online browsing.

In this tutorial we will show you how you can use Google Chrome in offline mode.

By default, Google Chrome’s offline feature is inactive and hidden.

Here’s how you can enable the feature for accessing web pages offline on Google Chrome:
  1. Open your Google Chrome browser and type in chrome://flags/
  2. Press ENTER and it will direct you to Chrome’s experimental features screen
  3. Use CTRL + F and search for ‘Enable Offline Load Stale Button’ option.
  4. Click “Enable” and relaunch your web browser.

That’s it. Now next time when you will try accessing any web page offline, Chrome will provide you an option for loading the saved copy (if page is available in offline cache) instead of showing you that dinosaur icon and unable to connect error message.

Using Chrome Offline

You can easily test the feature by disconnecting your Internet connection and then trying to access any web page which you have accessed earlier in your web browser.

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