Ultimate Video Gallery Plugin For Your WordPress Site

It has become much easy to create a nice gallery of videos (youtube and/or flv ) in your WordPress site.

ULTIMATE VIDEO GALLERY plugin creates a beautiful gallery of videos for your site with youtube and flv videos. Thumbnails get automatically created. You can add titles on the videos and choose your own colors, number of columns and rows of thumbnails, video size in proportion to the module, the size of the thumbnails in proportion to the plugin, and a lot of things more. Also you can use it as a sidebar widget.

Installation & Usage:

  1. Install and activate the plugin.
  2. Configure and create new video gallery in your Dashboard-> Settings-> Ultimate video. Place [ultimate ID /] inside your Posts, where ID is your gallery ID. For example: [ultimate 1/] Where 1 is the gallery ID

An example of video gallery which you can create using this plugin (View More Screenshots)

Other Admin Parameters Include:

  • Video URL- URL of your videos. URL of the flv videos Or YouTube or the ID of the videos from youtube
  • Video Titles- Title of your videos.
  • Gallery Width. Width of the carousel. (pixels or percentage)
  • Gallery Height. Height of the carousel. (only pixels px)

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