Turn Your Long WordPress Posts Into Mini Booklets

WP jQuery Pager allows you to use mini-book style on long WordPress posts so that your visitors can read your long articles by turning pages. The feature uses built-in WordPress gallery and the jQuery effect. 

WP jQuery Pager 5

This plugin is easy to use, it simply allows you to use booklets style in your posts and pages containing a combination of text and pictures.

WP jQuery Pager 6

The plugin gets integrated with WordPress gallery feature, you can simply upload images and use text on each booklet you create.

Start by installing and activating WP jQuery Pager in WordPress

Upon activation visit your admin area dashboard Posts -> Add New page and use this shortcode [wp-jquery-paged ids=”61908,61880,61875,10″] replacing numbers with your image ids.

Easy Method: Upon activation visit your admin area dashboard Posts -> Add New page and select ‘Create Gallery’ option.

WP jQuery Pager 1

Upload and insert gallery and then switch your post editor to ‘Text’ mode. You will be noticing your gallery shortcode (as shown in the given screenshot):

WP jQuery Pager 2

Now simply replace gallery ids= text with wp-jquery-paged ids:

WP jQuery Pager 3

And that’s it, preview your post to see how it looks like.

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