Now Open WordPress Comment Links In A New Tab

There are various options to turn all external links open in a new window but that is not useful for all WordPress site owners. Yesterday, a WordPress user emailed us asking how he can make only comment links to open in a new window. 

WordPress comments feature is awesome, it allows your users to interact with each other without even registering on your website.

The problem is by default all the links (URLs) in the comments open in the same window. This can diverts the user’s mind away from your website and may increases the bounce rate.

Fortunately WordPress plugin repository has got a new plugin that simply resolves this issue. Yes, WP Open Comment Links in New Window is the new plugin by Dipak C. Gajjar. It simply enables you to open links used in comments to open in  a new tab.

This plugin works for all the links added inside the comment content, used in author URL etc.

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