Display Trending Now Posts On Elegnat Sticky Footer Bar In WordPress

Sticky Recent Random Posts is the new WordPress plugin that provides you a beautiful customizable footer bar that displays recent posts randomly on your website.

The plugin allows you to customize display options like you can set custom background color, border color, opacity, title text color, use custom trending now text, trending now text color, open link in same or new window, number of posts to shuffle and select post type to include.

Sticky Recent Random Posts shows sticky bar at bottom part of page, the contain Title of your recent post which is randomly selected from latest posts made on your WordPress site. One post is displayed at a time. See it live working here.

Recent Random Post 2

Start by installing ‘Sticky Recent Random Posts’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation, the plugin starts to work automatically with default options. You can customize the appearance of the bar to match your website theme.

Recent Random Post 1

Simply visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> Sticky Recent Random Posts page and choose your options. Save all changes and then visit the frontend of your website to see how it looks like.

If you want us to set this plugin up on your website or know about any similar plugins or have any questions about WordPress usage then feel free to use the following comment form.

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