Easily Generate Carousel Galleries From Images Attached To Posts In WordPress

Carousel-of-post-images provides you completely integrated jcarousel Image Gallery shortcode and function call that enables quick and easy galleries generated from images attached to posts. Photos inside the gallery are selected from either all images attached to posts, or from images attached to a specific post. By default it selects 10 random images from all posts.

How To Use Carousel Of Post Images?

To start simply install and activate the plugin then visit any of your post/page for editing or create a new one and use the shortcode [carousel-of-post-images imagesize=small visible=2 count=15] The shortcode will display a random selection of images from the posts on your site.

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Or you can add this in your PHP file template: show_wp_copi_carousel($args)

For Example:

Using Shortcode for showing a carousel containing 15 images – using the small size from the attachments. The sizing of the div will come from the CSS

[carousel-of-post-images imagesize=small count=15]

For further information on this plugin you can visit its documentation page here.


  • Uses JCarousel
  • Integrates with other galleries (such as NextGen) to reuse the jcarousel and jquery without clashes.
  • Many configurable options
  • Small
  • Uses the builtin wordpress thumbnail sizes for images

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