Turn WordPress ‘Publish’ Button More Useful & Handy (Ideal For Small Screens)

Now you can easily alter the position and behavior of WordPress ‘Publish’ button so that your authors can more easily publish their blog posts from any section of post edit screen.

By default WordPress post edit screen shows  you ‘Publish’ button in publish meta box. This is OK for large screens but not for small screen devices. In this lesson we will show you how you can make ‘Publish’ button visible all the time. 

Publish On Screen is the new WordPres plugin that activates a new ‘Publish’ button which shows up when you scroll away from default WordPress ‘Publish’ meta box.

This way you can publish your content while working on other sections of your post edit screen, without having to scroll back to top again.

Start by installing ‘Publish On Screen’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation, visit your admin area dashboard Posts -> Add New page or open any old post for editing.

Publish On Screen 1

Now scroll down and see it working: The ‘Publish’ button automatically pops up (when you scroll down) on the bottom right corner of your screen and goes off when you move back to top.

Another plugin called Floating Publish Button does another thing to keep ‘Publish’ button visible. Instead of adding new button, this plugin sticks ‘Publish’ meta box to top when a user starts scrolling. Unlike to first plugin, Floating Publish Button is not ideal for small screen devices.

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