Prevent Specified Posts From Being Featured On Home Page In WordPress

Earlier we have discussed about excluding certain categories from being featured on home page. Now in this lesson we will show you how you can prevent specified posts from showing up on home page. 

Stealth Publish adds a  check box option inside ‘Publish’ meta box on post admin screen. Articles published with this check box ticked will no longer be featured on the front page of your WordPress blog and nor will the post be included in any RSS feeds.

Start by installing ‘Stealth Publish’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation visit your admin area dashboard Posts -> Add New page and you will be noticing ‘Stealth Publish’ check box option added in ‘Publish’ meta box.

Stealth Publish 1

All you got to do is simply tick this option before to exclude any article from getting published on blog page.

This not only excludes the post from blog page and RSS feeds but will also not notify any external services about the publication. It includes not sending out pingbacks, trackbacks, and pings to update services such as pingomatic etc.

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