How To Add An Undo Button In WordPress Post Editor?

Earlier we have discussed about restoring posts using WordPress posts revisions and now today will will show you how to quickly restore those revisions with an undo button. Default WordPress installation doesn’t provides you any undo button, it only provides you the saved/auto-saved revisions which are the backup copies of your posts, they get automatically saved and also everytime you click ‘Save Draft’ or ‘Update’ buttons. Using post revisions you will be able to look back at the recent changes you’ve made and revert to an earlier version if required.

For making things more easy you can use Undo Box plugin which provides you simple one-click post restore while you’re writing any post. Simply install and activate it, after activation the plugin adds a restore meta box in post’s add new and edit screen.

The plugin is entirely based on WordPress revisions and hence it records all revisions done by different authors and provides you option to view all or compare revisions direct from post’s edit page.

Also read our tutorial on limiting or entirely turning off post revisions in WordPress.

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