Create A Pre-Publish Post Checklist In WordPress To Stop Accidental Content Publish

Pre-Publish Post Checklist is a WordPress plugin that lets you create a checklist of things to cross-check before publishing any blog post. This way you can either minimize or completely stop the risk of accidental content publishing. 

Start by installing and activating Pre-Publish Post Checklist plugin in WordPress

Upon activation visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> Pre-Publish Post Checklist and create a checklist of points to check before publishing any WordPress post.

Pre-Publish Post Checklist 1

Simply click ‘Add Checklist Item’ button and create your checklist points one by one.

Pre-Publish Post Checklist 2

Scroll down to settings section and set the action for publish attempt:

  1. Prevent Publishing: Prevent the author from publishing the post.
  2. Warn User: Warn the author about incomplete checklist items. (They can still publish if they want.)
  3. Do Nothing: Let the author publish without any warnings.

That’s it with the configuration. Now visit your admin area dashboard Posts -> Add New page and you will be noticing a new metabox showing you a checklist.

Pre-Publish Post Checklist 3

Now start writing your post and and start checking those items on that list.

When the items are not checked and the user clicks the ‘Publish’ button 

Pre-Publish Post Checklist 4

The plugin works as per your settings. It either shows you a warning message or prevents the author from publishing that post until the items are checks.

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