Easily Tabify WordPress Post Edit Screens

You can easily enable tabs in the post edit screen and manage them all from your WordPress admin area. For instance: You can keep a separate tab for SEO, another containing metaboxes for category & tags, featured image, one for comments & trackbacks. 

Some WordPress owners use it for organizing their eCommerce admin screen.

Tabify Edit Screen is a WordPress plugin that enables you to manually create and organize tabs for posts, pages and other custom post type edit screens.

Tabify Edit Screen 1

Start by installing and activating Tabify Edit Screen plugin in WordPress

Tabify Edit Screen 2

Upon activation visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> Tabify Edit Screen and select a post type.

Tabify Edit Screen 3

Scroll down and use ‘Create a new tab’ button for creating new tabs. You can organize tabs and metaboxes with easy drag and drop interface.

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