Quick And Handy Shortcut For Previewing Your WordPress Site

WordPress posts already have a preview feature but many a time you have to open you WordPress site for previewingthe changes you have made. Suppose you have installed a new plugin and you want to know how its new features are looking in the front-end of your WordPress blog or when you activate a new theme or change your reading or discussion settings etc. You have to go through one or two click for previewing your website. Sometimes you like to open yourwebsite in new tab so that you can carry on with your changes in dashboard and refresh your webpage everytime after making new changes. This thing is a little bit time consuming and its not handy.

In this tutorial we are discussing about a WordPress plugin that simply adds preview site button at the backend of yourWordPress site. The button is visible on every page of your admin area dashboard and specially the web designers who are king on client sites can use it quickly everytime for previewing the WordPress site after making new changes.

Install and activate Preview Site for WordPress Admin. After activation you will find a “Preview Site” button at the top ofyour admin area dashboard (on every admin page). When you click the button it opens your website in a new tab so you can use it as many times you like very easily.

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