Switching Between Post Edit Screens In WordPress

Earlier we have discussed about navigating to next & previous post edit screen in WordPress while editing any post in admin area. Now today in this lesson we will show how to switch between edit screens on posts, pages, and custom post types using a drop-down metabox. 

Edit Quick Switch is the new WordPress plugin that allows authors and editors to quickly switch to edit screen of another entry of the same content type.

Start by installing ‘Edit Quick Switch’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation, the plugin adds a searchable dropdown metabox to post, page, and custom post type edit screens. The metabox simply allows you to switch to edit page another of entry from same content type.

Edit Quick Switch

For instance: Suppose you are editing ‘About’ page of your website, you can quickly jump to edit screen of ‘Contact’ page in a click or if you have multiple pages then you can use its search box and search for the page you are looking for. As soon you click you will immediately be directed to its edit screen.

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