Top 5 WordPress Multisite User Management Plugins

Here are some of the best plugins with user management features like user activation, confirming users after they register on your website, enabling site admins to automatically add existing users to their websites or blogs, allowing super admin to instantly switching between users.

Top 5

User Switching

The plugin enables super admin to instantly swap between various user accounts, it works very quickly at the click of a button. You instantly get logged out and logged back in as your desired user. Good for testing environments, specially if you are working on your client’s website where you regularly log out and log back in between with different user accounts having different user roles, also for site adminstrators who need to switch between multiple accounts.

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Multisite User Management

The plugin enables you to automatically add users to each website in your WordPress multisite network and hence you no longer need manual adding new users to each of your websites. The users are assigned a default role for each of your websites. You can set the default role for each site and the plugin will automatically apply that. You can assign different roles for each website or keep any website private by assigning no role.

Multisite User Management

User Activation Keys

A powerful multisite plugin for user activation key removal or approval. Sometimes it happens that you signup any user account, then you delete it due to some reason and then you try to signup up the same user with same old username again ;-) Other times it happens that you try to support a new user who created a username, but mistakenly entered the wrong email address and so the account cannot activate, and the user cannot signup with that username ;-) Many a times admins want to signup a bunch of users with phony emails so users without email could start blogging right away ;-) User Activation Keys plugin is good solution for you.

User Activatio Keys


Enables WordPress admins to manage unactivated users, by activating them manually, deleting their pending registrations, or resending the activation. Biggest administrative headaches (specially when working with BuddyPress) come from the user activation process as many a times activation emails get caught by spam filters or deleted unwillingly or simply not understood. Yet WordPress by default has no user interface for viewing and managing unactivated users. This plugin is best solution for that, activate it then visit Network Admin > Users on Multisite.


Join My Multisite

The plugin enables website admins to automatically add existing users to their website or let users decide at a click. Good if instead of adding a user yourself to every website present on your network you want to leave this thing to your website managers, you want them to have that control, and sometimes when you want to make it optional.

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So by using this plugin you provide your site Admins with following options:

  • Auto-add users
  • Have a ‘Join This Site’ button in a widget
  • Keep things exactly as they are
  • Create a per site registration page
  • Use a shortcode to put a ‘join this site’ button on any page/post.

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